Wrapping up The Lunar Chronicles *No Spoilers*

So, earlier this week Marissa Meyer released the last installment of the best selling hit The Cinder Chronicles. I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Meyer last year at Yallwest, the first book festival of its name on the west coast! My team totally kicked her butt at Trivia 😉 (not kidding actually, that is a true story!)


I was so excited about this upcoming book that I purposefully didn’t do much digging about it. I wanted to be fresh and open minded for this last book. I re read the three books leading up to it, Cinder, Scarlet, and Cress, and I was totally ready!


This book did not disappoint! If you are looking to read this one, be ready for over 800 pages of awesome!

The uprising has been building for three books now. Alliances have been formed, and all the characters are in place for the final show. Now this is a precarious place to be, many times this is when authors slip up and rush us to the end. Thankfully Marissa Meyer is not one of those authors. In no way did I feel like a plot line was rushed heading towards this ending. Each character gets nicely wrapped up, and while not everyone is safe, overall you will close this book with a smile on your face!

This book is exciting and suspenseful, it pulls at your heart strings, and makes you gasp in horror. I was just so darn glad it was so long! I loved the descriptions of the lunar world, the clothing and the aristocracy. I want to tell you so much more, but for anyone who hasn’t read the series, I would just be giving away huge spoilers!

I hope the next time you find yourself wondering what you should read, you think about picking up this series. The Cyborg Cinderella tale that is so much more. It deals with themes such as mental illness, discrimination, first love, relationships, family, and more.

Also I cannot stress this enough, if you are anywhere near the west coast you need to make the trip to Yallwest in April. April 30-May 1 to be exact!


Happy Reading Yall!



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