Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

magnus chase

For those of you who haven’t been exposed to Rick Riordan, I am going to  preface this post by saying that you should probably start with one of his other series, either the Percy Jackson Series, or the Heroes of Olympus Series. Both are awesome, but Mr. Riordan has shown that he likes to link together all of his separate series. Kind of like in the Marvel universe, you find more Easter eggs when you have as much background knowledge as you possibly can. Things will make more sense for you.

Now, after saying that, this first installment of his newest series was not a disappointment. Riordan’s previous books focused on the Greek and roman gods, but Magnus Chase is focused on the Norse gods of old. You might think you don’t know of any Norse gods, but I am sure you have heard of Loki or Thor? Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have helped this book in more ways than they can possibly imagine!

I personally have only a limited understanding of the history and myths surrounding the Norse gods. Thankfully, this book was very good at explaining the important parts of history that I was unaware of!

Magnus chase has been living on the streets for years, ever since his mother was murdered in their apartment. He has been living on the streets with two others, Blitz and Hearth, looking over him. (of course they aren’t exactly who them claim to be) The book opens up on his 16th birthday, when all hell breaks loose. He must claim his birthright, a sword buried in time and a bridge, in the heart of Boston. But once the sword is in his possession Magnus is faced with an even dangerous foe, and a battle he doesn’t survive. But the Norse have a place for warriors who died bravely, and from his death his life truly begins.

Doomsday, called Ragnarok is coming. And the sword of summer, the sword Magnus released from its resting place before his death, is the only thing that can save the world.

This book is a wonderful beginning, I cannot wait to see how Magnus and his friends save the world, and with teasers, like Annabeth being Magnus’ cousin, we know that the worlds Rick Riordan has created are going to collide in the best possible ways!

I also really loved the deaf character, Hearth. He is a deaf elf who is one of the most powerful magicians with the knowledge of runes. He is easily one of my favorite characters, and definitely one of the most interesting, he can only communicate in American Sign Language, but knows how to read lips. I have never seen a deaf character written so well, and all the signs that are mentioned are actually correct! His companion, Blitz is a dwarf who doesn’t want to make weapons, he wants to design clothes. Neither Blitz or Hearth are what their parents hope to be, but they prove themselves in the end.

If you like books with historical or mythological twists, this is a fun one to read.

Below you will find a super helpful picture of the Three of Life or Yggdrasil.


If you have any suggestions for books you would like me to talk about on this blog, please let me know!

Happy Reading,



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