Being a Teacher Librarian

The last couple of months has been a huge change for me, as far as my career. I went from teaching, to being a librarian. I wish I had considered this job when I first went to school! I can not think of another job that is truly better suited for me.

I feel like I have been training for this position my entire life. Every day I make new connections with students based on books we have both read, or on recommendations I am giving them now. I used to think that I needed to make more of an effort to read adult fiction, but now I realize that I was ALWAYS meant to keep reading Young Adult! What a relief that is!

Some things on this blog with probably start changing a bit. I want to write more reviews for books that are actually in my library currently. So that way, if students actually ARE reading this, they will be able to come check out whatever books I mention here. Don’t worry, I will still tell you all about the current reads I have, and as soon as I get some fundraisers going, I hope to fill these shelves with new books that are current and relate-able in today’s book world! But that is going to take some time, and I hope you all bear with me.

If you have any suggestions for book reviews that you want to see, any classics that I should be recommending to students, please share! I would love to hear it. I will get down to writing soon! So hopefully you will be seeing more of me.

Happy Reading,



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