2,000 + pages later

The Harry Potter Series was 4,224 pages of amazing, magical wonderment.

The Hunger Games was 1,153 pages of sheer excitement and suspense.

In the past two weeks I have hunkered down and read 2,112 pages of the most fascinating and engaging pages since Harry Potter, and it is only half way done.

The Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas currently have 4 books published, the most recent being published earlier this month. The hype surrounding the newly published book, made me more interested in picking up this series. I have to admit, the covers were a sort of turn off for me, they made me think it would be a book leaning towards the childish, and held off picking them up, but when I got an email from bookbub.com telling me that the first book was only $0.99 I decided to give them a chance. I did like A Court of Thorns and Roses, so hopefully I would like this series that all the blogs are talking about.

I not only devoured these books, they devoured me. How many times, in the last few weeks has someone been calling my name, but I didn’t respond because my mind was in the book? Sarah Maas is an amazing storyteller, and it was simple to get lost in the world she weaves for you in these books.

My fiance is fabulous at making connections early on in books like this, and I will be pushing these books under his nose as soon as I possibly can, but for me, I was gasping and shocked at every turn. Ms. Maas gives you just enough information to link together the plot as she wants you to, no sooner, no later. Her characters are developing and growing as each new blow hits them.

I want to cheer from the rooftops about this series! SO good. It is soooo good.

I would love to give each book its own review, but if I am being completely honest with you, the books are blurring together because I read them so close together.

So instead of going through the plot of each book, which might create spoilers for anyone who hasn’t read this series before I will instead give you some basic descriptions, and hope that you all trust me enough to take my advice and go get started this series. Be warned though, there are three more books in this series, and the most recent book came out this month, so you are looking at at least a year before you can get your hand on the next installment. I would say try and stretch these books out, but I don’t know if it will be physically possible, after seeing how I devoured them.

These books are a mix of Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones, mixed in with assassins, witches, and wyverns. Celaena Sardothien is to be the kings champion, she was dragged out of the slave camps and brought to the glass castle for that one purpose alone, but she must prove herself and beat 23 other hand picked challengers to gain the title, and with it her eventual freedom. But that isn’t the only thing going on in the castle, something dark and mysterious is murdering champions, leaving their corpses strewn across the stone hallways, missing organs, and strange symbols painted in blood the only clues. Some say magic, but magic has been struck from the land for ten years, and no one knows why or where magic has gone.

These books follow Celaena on a path no one would assume, as she faces her own personal demons, the fears and mistakes she has made, and the person she became through all of the dangers she faced. She must choose who she wants to be, and how she will get there. She makes friends, loses them, find power and strengths within herself beyond her wildest dreams.

Every character is searching for something, and I hope in the end they will all find it.

My favorite aspect of these books is that each book has its own story arch, and each novel has a sort of conclusion that satisfies you. The overall plot still have things that remain unknown or events to happen, but overall, you feel complete at the end of a book, no left hanging with no literary satisfaction. That is the worst! Especially with  multiple books left to be written/published. (who knows how many books she has written, waiting to be published!)

I am going to leave this picture here, so you can find the order of the series, and I hope that at least some of you pick up the books if you haven’t already!

throne of glass seriesbook 4 pic

I have a feeling I will be jumping back in to the life of Harry Desden soon, so if you are a fan of magic detectives, do I have a super long series for you! Ill tell you all about that one next!

Happy Reading!



One thought on “2,000 + pages later

  1. content://media/external/file/24517 Thank you for that bit at the end. It is a personal heartbreaking destruction when you delve into a story and hope that as the base of your left thumb lowers with pages and the right simotaneously raises that some form of conclusion will occur to satisfy you enough till the next 1 and then POW! Youre left hanging and wondering and ready to stalk the author hoping to find some pity scrap of information while shuffling thru her garbage….(or so ive been told) But thanks to you Ms. Maas garbage is safe from my busy hands.😁👍

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