Book Trailers? How COOL! An Ember in the Ashes Reviewed

When did people start making book trailers? When did publishers start making book trailers??? I feel like I am so behind with this book trailer thing!! I had no idea that was popular now! How cool! (this is cool because I found one for a new book that I completely devoured)

An Ember in the Ashes

Sabaa Tahir

Book received- bought through Amazon.

an ember in teh ashes

I was reading a new book that was recommended to me by a friend, An Ember in the Ashes, By Sabaa Tahir and when I was googling the book to get more info about it, I came across a trailer. It got me hooked and convinced me it was time to pick up the book, and definitely did not disappoint!

The friend who recommended this book, is not one to offer up a bad book, so as soon as I heard about it, I ordered a copy on amazon. (you should too, now that you have read this) But it sat on my self for a few months while I read other things. I knew I had something that was going to be really good, but I didn’t know much about it so I kept pushing it aside when I went to the book shelf. Now that I got through it I wish I had picked it up sooner!!

Essentially this is a novel from the point of view of two characters, Elias, a member of the Empire, head of his graduating class, and a deadly mask, and Laia who is a scholar, her family killed,with only her brother to fight for. She must do everything she can to save her remaining family from the Empire. Set in a Romanesque world, The Empire has conquered the Scholars, and made them slaves. Before the scholars were educated peaceful people, now their libraries are destroyed, and knowledge is forbidden. A Scholar is not supposed to know how to read, and yet Laia does…  Laia must put her life in danger to save her brother, while Elias must decide where his loyalties lie, and figure out for himself what is right or wrong.  After Laia’s brother is imprisoned, she searches out the resistance for help in getting her brother out. In trade, they promise to help him escape if she will spy for them in the Commandant’s house as a slave. If Laia thought her life was difficult before, she has no idea what she is getting into, working for such a vile and cruel woman as the Commandant. Elias was hoping to leave behind the Empire after graduation, but events lead him to another path, a competition to decide the next Emperor. If he competes, with his best friend Helene, he will have to opportunity to truly be free of the Empire once and for all.

That is a poor summary of this book, honestly, but I really don’t want to give too much away if this is your first taste of it. Tahir has written so beautifully , I felt like I was immersed in the story. This was a book I kept in  my hands from start to finish. I was gasping, and aww-ing at every page. Whoever had to listen while I was reading must have thought I was in pain myself. This book puts you through the ringer emotionally, you come to care for everyone, or hate certain characters so passionately, you practically wish them ill from your side of the pages. You will not want to put this book down.

Many YA novels now a days have a caveat for me. I have to remember that these characters are young and flawed. They have to grow into the people you want them to become. But with Elias and Laia, I loved who they were, and the personalities they had developed before I ever opened the pages. They stayed true to themselves, and that in itself is a breath of fresh air.

If you still aren’t sold, take a look at the book trailer that I linked below, After you watch it, read it! Do it for me. So I can have more people to talk with about this book.

AND! good news, This book was supposed to be a stand alone novel, but because of the response it got after its release it has a sequel coming! Plus, the movie’s rights have already been purchased! There are many  more exciting things coming from Tahir that I cannot wait for!!

An Ember in the Ashes Book Trailer- Penguin Teen

Happy Reading Friends!



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