Big BIG things are happening!

Yes, yes I know… I pretty much let this blog go for the summer. To anyone who was keeping up with me, I am so so sorry!!

But the truth is, this summer was HUGE for me. In June, I got engaged!!! and in July I got a new job! Starting this fall I will be a librarian! I cannot tell you guy just how excited I actually am to be working in the library. This job came about pretty quickly, and I am going to miss all my old coworkers, but this is an opportunity I couldn’t pass up! SO! Hopefully I will be able to share even more book knowledge with all of you, because I will be right in  the thick of it all! (also, I am ecstatic to be sharing the rest of my life with the amazing man that I love so dearly) (wedding planning, wedding planning, wedding planning….)

This summer went by so quickly!! I wanted to read so many different books, but with the wedding to plan, and summer school that I taught, i didnt read as much as I had hoped, but! There are a ton of books that I got my hands on, that I will start reviewing as soon as I can. They include…

An Ember in the Ashes

Isle of the Lost

This Raging Light

Oh. My. Gods.

Goddess Bootcamp

Night Circus

And I am sure a few more, I just don’t have my books right in front of me.

I also took full advantage of the amazon prime day, and bought a new kindle! I was an iPad user before, but the back light was hurting my eyes, I am loving my new kindle though, and it is so light and easy to read!!

I hope you all have been doing well, I missed you!

I’m sure you will be hearing from me again soon, I have lots of things to keep you updated on! School starts tomorrow, so any students or teachers out there… Good Luck! this year is going to be a great one. I can feel it!

Happy Reading,



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