Radio Silence Explained

Hello Friends!!

I am so sorry to have disappeared on all of you lovely readers lately. I had thought that summer break would give me more time to write, as well as more time to read.

Unfortunately, summer also made me less likely to pick up my computer. Instead I found myself binge watching Orange is the New Black and popping over to Disneyland for some impromptu magical fun.

But… IM BACK! Please forgive my absence, I will try to warn you all next time I get busy, or will be away from my computer for awhile.

These last two weeks I made one trip to Barnes and Noble, and I have been slowly but surely getting through my summer reading list.

I don’t have any reviews for you all today, but I will try and get one to you all soon! I am currently reading a few different books, The Diviners, Off The Page, and I am rereading Cinder. (I finished Fairest last week, and it made me realize I needed to reread Cinder because I had forgotten so much!)

I hope you are all enjoy beautiful weather, and if any of you are on vacation enjoy it! I start back up summer school next week, and I have a training tomorrow, so today is my last night of freedom until the last part of summer.

Happy Reading!



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