Books that changed my life for the better

There have been some fantastic books in my life that truly changed me. Of course there are the obvious ones like Harry Potter, and the Chronicles of Narnia, and even The Baby Sitters Club. But the books I want to talk about today was one that I read in high school. I want to HIGHLY encourage anyone who hasn’t picked up this book to do so, but especially anyone that is still in their teens, high school, or early college years.

What book am I talking about?

The Perks of Being a Wallflower By, Stephen Chbosky

This book came to me through my oldest friend. She gave me a copy that she had annotated especially for me. The little notes she had added made it such a special gift that I still keep on my bookshelf today. Whether it was reminders of things we had done similar in the novel, or things we had talked about doing. Or even how she would have handled certain situations. This books was the epitome of our high school career. We had so much in common with the characters, Rocky Horror Picture show, Long drives listening to music, and the general grumbles of trying to fit in when no one knows who they are.

To say this book is quotable is putting it mildly. Here are just a couple quotes that still impact me now.

we accept the love we think we deserveperks quote

Wallpaper-the-perks-of-being-a-wallflower-movie-31375870-900-563infinite quote

When you find a book that you see yourself in, it becomes a part of you. That is how this book was for me. I didn’t go through the same terrible things that Charlie went through, but I did feel like an outcast in high school. I wasn’t sure who saw me, and I didn’t always feel important. But I had my friends. They helped me get through a time when I was finding myself. Just like Charlie.

I love how Stephen Chbosky wrote Charlie, how he made him talk. It feels so real, like he could be my own pen pal, or a kid I grew up with. While the topics are serious, it never gets too overwhelming. Probably a good thing for a teen going through their own problems.

This book though, makes you know you aren’t alone. If you have any interest in giving this book to any of your friends, I recommend doing what my friend did for me. Take the time to make it special. On these blogs we recommend books to people all the time, but making it personal, makes it that much more special.

OH! Also, this is also one of my favorite book to movie adaptations! The author, Stephen Chbosky, wrote the script! So you know that all your favorite lines are still preserved in al their glory! Plus Emma Watson is AMAZING!

Hope you give this book a chance!

Happy Reading,



One thought on “Books that changed my life for the better

  1. Ha ha I used to read ‘The Babysitters Club’ books like gangbusters. They were pretty shallow, trashy reads, but I enjoyed them at the time. I also impulsively read “Goosebumps” paperbacks. They weren’t exactly great literature, but they did the trick by entertaining me when I was about eight.

    I really liked “The Perks of Being a Wallflower.” I liked the movie too, but I thought Charlie should be played by a younger, less physically mature actor, instead of a man (not boy) who looks like he’s in his twenties. On the other hand, Logan Lerman surprised me with a decent performance after a poor turn as the teen in “Percy Jackson.”

    I can’t seem to think of books that ‘changed my life’ at the moment, but I’ll ruminate on it for a while.

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