Couch bound

Hello my dear readers!

I am sorry to have disappeared for a bit. I was more than a little sick, and unfortunately it was the kind of sick that didn’t help me do what I would normally do with hours of couch time.

My perfect kind of sick is the kind that keeps me couch bound, but still lets me read, or write, or even watch TV. (Anne of Green Gables is my favorite “sick” movie)

This was not that kind of sick.

I was pretty much asleep for the last two days, and when I woke up, I was too nauseated to be able to look at pages of words. By the end of this I was actually missing my books! It was Memorial Day Weekend! I should have been able to finish at least 2 books!

Oh well, I was able to finish up a romance I had started before all of this, called Jane and Austen. Have I told you all that I am a sucker for Austen remakes?

I was hoping that this Austen remake would be a little more subtle, but judging by the title I should have known better. This book hits every single cliche it possibly can right on the head. Where I was hoping for a retelling I actually got a “curse”. The characters were cried into the plot of ALL the Austen novels, all at the same time. No magic or anything, just a bunch of ridiculous coincidences and poorly spelled names. Dancey for Darcy, Bigley for Bingley. You get the picture…

The main characters, Jane and Austen, find themselves caught at a friends week-long wedding where every guest is actually a character from one of Ms. Austen’s novels. But everything is going all wrong! So Jane and Austen have to put it all right again to save their friends marriage.

Okay, okay, it was cute. It was also predictable, and confusing! Everything gets so convoluted that I could hardly keep things straight. I also had a bit of a problem with the fact that each character was stagnant. It felt like, because they were all based off other characters in Jane Austen’s world, I was supposed to understand their personalities and quirks. I have read most of Austen’s work, but not every one. So I felt like I was missing a piece of each characters story. This book did not feel like an individual piece because it relied so heavily on your knowledge of the works of Austen. Maybe if I had a different understanding this would have been more fun for me, and maybe this is all relative to how I was feeling while I was reading it. All I know is that I wish I had picked up Like Water For Chocolate instead.

Hope you are all doing well and reading  more than I am!

Happy Reading,



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