Comfort books and security blankets

There are some books on my shelf that I don’t ever have the intention of getting rid of, or even boxing up. The books that make a new apartment feel like home, and the smell of the pages are so familiar, opening the cover is like greeting an old friend. For me, those books are mainly the classics from my childhood, or more specifically, the Harry Potter Series. When I moved out to go to college, I knew it would be unrealistic for me to bring everything with me. Those dorm rooms are tiny! but I also knew that there were some books I just couldn’t leave behind. At first I was super homesick, and my books kept me grounded, and reminded me of home. I felt safe knowing they were with me.

It is still the same for me today.

A full bookshelf to me is like a security blanket. I know if I ever need an escape I can get away in the pages of my favorite books. I would feel lost if these books weren’t around or visible. They are the first thing I pack up when I move, and the first box I open when I get to my new place.

Like many of you, reading brings me comfort and peace, and when I am reading my favorites it also makes me feel at home. Within the pages of Harry Potter I come home. I remember when I was young, reading each book as it was released, the friends I got to share them with, and the events I got to go to. You have never met a nicer group of people, than Harry Potter fans.

When I sat down  to start this post I was planning on writing a basic Harry Potter post, but I realized that those books mean so much more to me than a normal novel. And they needed a different kind of approach. (hope you all don’t mind)


Who doesn’t like Harry Potter? (and I am shocked by any person who has gone this long without at least picking up one of the books)

Im sure we all have books we wouldn’t want to live without. The books that have honestly changed our lives by reading them. Always keep them close to you.

book quote

Happy Reading,



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