The worst adaptations that I absolutely love.

Ok, so we can all agree movies ruin our favorite books.

But I have a confession to make… sometimes, I still really like the movie.

Don’t get me wrong, these movies are TERRIBLE adaptations from the books. The plot is only minimaly there, or the characters aren’t right AT ALL!! And yet, I find that I enjoy them still.

The two that immediately come to mind are Beautiful Creatures, and The Vampire Academy.

Both are book series’ that I am a huge fan of!  I burned through these books at top speed, and immediately wanted more.

Then the movies came out… and you try not to get your hopes up… you try to remember that it will mostly likely be terrible, and typically that fact lives up.

But with these two movies, I still really enjoyed myself. The characters were funny, the movie kept my attention, and I was happy with the endings. I am not saying they deserve any awards, but I did really enjoy them.


In Beautiful creatures, the scenery really got me, it felt very much a part of the south, and I loved the old big houses and trees covered in moss. I also felt like the love story was true, they real seemed like teenagers, figuring out how to deal with the crazies that surrounded them, and the impending doom they faced. The book was WAY better, and the sequels even more so. But I had fun during the movie.

vampire academy movie

For The Vampire Academy, This movie was trying a little to hard in the previews to be a “mean girls” with vampires, and really, that is what made me so wary when I went to go see it. But again, I really enjoyed myself. The characters held strong, and held their own. The story kept its heart, though, I wish there was more. And it was funny. I will still recommend the books over the movies, but hey if you enjoy vampires, you will at least enjoy this movie. Its fun!

In fact I own both movies, and will watch them again periodically, just for giggles.

This only came to be through years and years of practice. When you are able to separate a movie from its book, sometimes you can appreciate what the movie was able to do. Obviously it could have been done better, added more, or had more heart, but that doesn’t always mean the movie was absolutely terrible.

BeautifulCreaturesGarciaStohl         vampire-academy-richelle-mead

(The Book is still ALWAYS better) 😉 Pick them up if you get a chance. Magic and Vampires can’t go wrong. Don’t let Twilight sway you! Those aren’t real Vampires anyway! Like my boyfriend always says, if it glitters and lives in the forest, its a fairy, not a vampire 😉

What hidden favorite do you have? Any movies you enjoyed even though they were nothing like the book? Leave your comments! I want to know!

Happy Reading,



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