Review of Spotless by Camilla Monk


Title: Spotless

Author: Camilla Monk

Release Date: May 12, 2015

Publisher: Montlake Romance

Source: Netgalley. THANK YOU!!

This was another of the netgalley books I got from a publisher. The cover was what drew me in, and I am so glad I requested it, and it was approved! (Though, the pink cover doesn’t really do this book justice)

This book is about Island, a mid twenties IT girl, who loves to pick up a good romance novel, but doesn’t pick up after herself. She meets March, an OCD secret agent who is looking to find the worlds largest diamond, which had been stolen by Island’s late mother. The cherry on top? Island has no idea what he is talking about! As they weave in and out of a messy situation, both the lost diamond, and Island’s dirty apartment, they must learn to trust each other, or die in the crossfire.

If Island doesn’t know where the diamond is, no amount or torture will change that, and she must convince March to take her along to find the missing jewel, and help decode clues that had been left in her mothers will. From Paris to Tokyo, Island is falling for March, while danger and adventure chase them down every street, all the while learning more and more about her mother, and the life that she had never thought possible.

This fast paced spy novel was so much more than the cover let on. I chose the book because it looked like a fun romance, but it turned in to a high adrenaline, car chase, and gun fight of a novel. With torture and bad guys coming at you left and right! The author, Camilla Monk, knows exactly how to get your heart pumping with danger, intrigue, and just enough romance to make you swoon. As well as get me to root for the characters, first to succeed, and then to find each other.  I cannot tell you how many times I was begging for it all to work out. One simple mistake, and these characters wouldn’t have made it.

Another positive, is that I really want to know more about them, and where they will go from here. The search of the jewel is over, but their romance is only beginning, I love that I got some closure, but now I can’t wait to see where they take it!

If you are a fan of some sweet romance, and some creepy torture, this book has all you need! It is a great balance between the 007 fans, and the lover of a good romantic comedy. Each character has their quirks, and you learn to love them all in spite of it.  Take a chance, like I did, and pick it up for a fun read this summer!

Happy Reading,



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