Overzealous book blogger

So, its been about three weeks since I have started this blog. And I have to say, I am completely loving it! I keep catching myself talking about it, or asking my friends and family if they have read it yet.

So far, most of the feedback is positive, and it is making me really happy!

Once I got started, I starting asking friends for book recommendations. Then I got really active on netgalley. Yay new books, and more new books, GIVE ME ALL THE BOOKS! haha

Down the rabbit hole I went…. My net galley shelf has about 20 to be read books, and I have even more coming in from friends that are giving me recommendations.  This is all fine and dandy, but I don’t read as fast as I realized. Even if I read one book a day, I wouldn’t be done until the end of June.


What a problem! Too many books, not enough time. I think this is something most book lovers have to deal with, I was born with a reading list I would never complete, and it only grows by the day. I guess I can’t be mad at an abundance of good things. (after googling, I am finding that most book bloggers feel like they will never catch up, so at least I know I am not alone!)

Hopefully with summer break around the corner I will get some good quality time in to read, and get a handle on all the books I have piling up. I have already decided to challenge myself to read 1000 pages a week. I would say 2 books a week, but some books are longer than others, so I chose a page count instead to keep me motivated.

books too many

And with that, I really want to start a book club. I have a couple friends that are interested, so hopefully in the coming months I will be able to make that a reality. I was thinking about linking it to goodreads, and maybe having google hangouts for our “meetings”. All that would be required would be a book, and a hot beverage of your choice. Leave me a comment if you are interested in joining me, and I will get the ball rolling.


Thank you for reading my blog!!!

Happy reading,



6 thoughts on “Overzealous book blogger

    • Great! do you have any books you have been meaning to pick up? or a type of book your would prefer to read? I was thinking Goldfinch, but I don’t know if people have read it yet, I feel a bit behind on that one. haha


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