E-books or Paperbacks?

I know that every person has their own opinion of ebooks vs paperbacks. For me each has their pros and cons. I have always dreamed of having my own giant library, until I had to pack it up. How many bookshelves do I have now? Five? Six? And no matter how many ebooks I buy, I still feel my shelves bowing under the weight of new books each year. If I had the room, I would always take a new bookshelf. I will fill it eventually 😉

I have many different ways to get my hands on the books that I love so dearly. I like to use ibooks, amazon kindle, netgalley, bookbub, and sometimes I even steal books from my boyfriend’s kindle! I chose to move over to ebooks when I had to move the first time, and I decided I had to bring every last book I owned with me. Lets just say, I had more books than practically everything else. Books are HEAVY! Ebooks solved a few simple problems for me, I have a huge library all on my phone and iPad, which I have access to at any time, and the electronic nature satisfies my lack of patience. I can get any book at my fingertips practically immediately! Who wouldn’t like that?

Then I went to my first book festival. All of a sudden I am facing some of my most favorite authors, and I have the ability to get them to sign any book I want. But all of my copies are in my kindle app. So now I am buying books twice because nothing is better than a author signed copy! Should I have purchased the book in hardback first? Or is the signed first page of a book a good enough reason to buy a second copy? Most times I only buy books that I really want to lend out to my friends or family, I like having a sort of lending library with them, and those books sometimes never make it back to me. I could never let a book that I had signed not get returned! That would be blasphemy, and it makes me think twice about getting a paperback version entirely.

What do you think? Have your book shelves overflown? What do you do with all your books?

Happy Reading,



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