Top 5 books I think you should read

that is if you haven’t yet…

1.) The Book Thief


2.) Red Queen

red queen

3.) Stray


4.) The DUFF


5.) The Paper Magician

paper magician

This might seem like a strange mix. Two of these books have already been made in to movies. But the main reason why I want you to read them? So I can have some people to talk about these books with!

The Book Thief is probably one of my favorite books of all time. I wish that I could get my students to actually read over the summer so I could teach this one. A book narrated by Death? Yes please! It is so beautiful and tortured all in its own way, I just love it!

The Red Queen is hard to discuss without spoilers, and I really really really, don’t want to spoil this one for you guys! But it seriously needs to be talked about! What’s going to happen next, what are each of the characters thinking? Who actually had feelings for whom? Ahhhh!!!!!

Stray was an exciting surprise for me. I will be boasting about this book until I can get every one of my friends at least slightly interested in reading it! It’s an emotional ride with twists and turns on every page. Magic and mayhem all the way! Don’t forget the debutant balls and fabulous fashions!

The DUFF was something I read because I saw that it was a movie, and I wanted to read the book before I saw it. I am so glad I did! I still haven’t seen the movie, but the book was a pleasant surprise! Through the main character’s POV we went through serious issues that many high school students today face. And the friendships and relationships kids use to help them cope with the realities they aren’t ready or capable of dealing with. This book had way more heart than I anticipated, and for that I want to recommend it!

The paper magician was a lucky find for me. I got it as a free monthly book from Amazon prime, and it say in my kindle for far too long. When I finally got a chance to read it, I realized that it was right up my alley. Magic and improbable romance lead the story. And the best part, was that the magic was a new kind of magic for me. Each magician is only able to wield one kind of magic, and it has to be something man made, so, it can be metal, glass, paper, or blood. (To be honest I think I am forgetting a type of magic, and when I remember I will change this post) someone who can control paper really intrigued me, and the book was a happy surprise! If you are interested at all, give it a try!

If you pick up any of these books, or have already had a chance to read them, let me know! I could use some people to talk to about these amazing books.

Maybe if any of you are interested, we can start a book club? Pick a book every month or so to read and talk about? If anyone is interested, PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

Happy Reading,



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