Have you ever made a book bet with someone?

When I first started dating my boyfriend, he told me a sad and shocking secret….

He had never read Harry Potter… He hadn’t even seen any of the movies!

Now, I am not one to put ultimatums on a relationship, but this was kind of a big deal for me. As a tried and true Harry Potter fan, I had read all the books, stood in line for new releases, and been at every midnight premiere. How could I date a guy who wouldn’t get any of my references? Or appreciate my “I solemnly swear that I am up to no good” t-shirt?

So we made a deal. I would read his favorite book series about a wizard named Harry, and he would read mine.

Sounds like a good idea, except I definitely got the short end of the deal. Harry Potter, as I am sure you are all aware, only has 7 books. While his book series, The Dresden Files, has a whopping 15!!! (its not even done yet) And its looking to end up being about 22-25 books!

In the beginning I was enthusiastic about the deal, happy even, because I got to experience him reading my favorite books for the first time!

That was actually fun, my favorite was having him read the Prisoner of Azcaban, and finding that he hated the movie adaptation as much as I did!! Huzzah!

The problem now, is that I have finished 7 book in his series, and he is working on number 5 of mine…

Do I keep reading? Or give myself a break, and him time to catch up? But if he catches up, then he will be done with my series, and I’m less than halfway through his? Its a conundrum to be sure. (feel free to weigh in, I could use some advice)

At the moment, I’m taking it as I beat him to the finish line for this deal. And I will probably pick up the next book fairly soon, I need to know how it ends!!

BTW, Dresden Files is a book series that follows a wizard detective, Harry Dresden,  around Chicago, while he solves crimes for the Special Investigation Unit of the Chicago PD, all while dealing with his own monsters and bad guys. Imagine all the creepy crawly bad guys you can imagine, add in some Fae, and Catholic knights of the Cross, and you’ve pretty much got it. haha. It definitely keeps you on your toes! Plus the author, Jim Butcher, is fabulous at being descriptive in all the right ways. Nothing is overly done, but you will always get a clear picture of what he is showing you, sometimes it can be so clear, its cringe worthy.

Hope you are all having a fabulous week!

Happy Reading,


P.S. I think this is actually really funny.. Sorry HP.



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