What the heck does ARC mean?

So when I was first starting to think about writing this blog I started to do some research. I read other book blogs, I read how to write a blog blogs, and I watched some youtube vloggers who talked about books and blogs. and down the rabbit hole I went… lol. Overall though, it made me realize I have a whole new list of slang to learn.

What the heck was this ARC everyone was talking about?? I heard the term ARC books over and over again. So,Google, here I come.

ARC: advanced reader copy.

OH! Got it. I want some of those!

How in the world does a person get an advanced reader copy of a book? My answer? Go to book festivals, and book signings or find a website (netgalley) that gives out ebooks to professional readers (bloggers, educators, and book reviewers).I was lucky enough to have found myself with my first ARC when I went to Yallwest in Santa Monica earlier this month. (let me tell you, if you love books, and book themed things, you need to make sure you get yourself to the next Yallwest next year) There was an Epic Reads tent with a fun wheel spin for free books. Yes please! I left there with two new soon to be released novels gleaming from my cute new tote that I would fill with signed copies of books I got throughout the day.

One of those advanced readers copies was The Improbable Theory of Ana and Zak.


This book is set to be released 5/19/2015 so those of you who are interested won’t have to wait long, and Brian Katcher’s story of first love isn’t one you want to miss, especially if you’re a Con lover or practically nerdy in every way 😉

I don’t want to lie to you, but my first impression was that there was a huge typo on the back cover. Washincon. That is not how you spell Washington… But it didn’t take me long to realize my mistake. WashingCon was a much bigger deal that plain old Washington. This story takes you through an epic night that practically doesn’t have enough hours in the day, but could also reasonable be done at such an epic convention as WashingCon.

You follow Ana and Zak (mortal enemies, or so they think) through the crazy world of a Convention, with Cosplay battles, card game tournaments, and multiple people after them, all the while searching for Ana’s little brother, who escaped for a night out on the town. The two find strength in each other and a little more emotion than the nasty feelings they had for each other before they got there.

While not all the events seem plausible to a non convention goer myself, they are entertaining as all hell. This book makes you laugh, and feel for the characters as they get deeper and deeper into chaos and mayhem.

As a first, advanced readers copy, I really enjoyed myself reading this book! and it had me searching for more advanced copies of books. Netgalley has become my new favorite thing! I am sure I will get more reviews to you about books to look ahead for, so keep an eye out!

Happy Reading,



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