Sharing that perfect book.

Have you ever given a friend a book you had just finished? Something that kept you so enthralled you could have missed Godzilla walking down the street, so long as he didn’t interrupt you?

I recently read two books like this, but I haven’t shared the second, so I’m only going to going to talk about the first. Stray, by Elissa Sussman.


My best friend and I have a long tradition of me reading a book, and immediately turning to her to see what her reaction will be as she reads it. When the last Harry Potter book came out, I did just that. After finishing my first read through, I literally would read over her shoulder to see what she was about to experience, and simply stare at her as she read the words that had ripped me apart just a few hours before. Nowadays I don’t get the same opportunities to watch her read the actual books I pass her way, you know adults and not being roommates and whatnot, but I still get the amazing reactions I love that always so perfectly mirror my own. There is nothing better than having someone share in your triumphs during an amazing novel, and a shoulder to cry on when a book metaphorically rips your heart out.

When I was given Stray, it was a gift from my master teacher. She knows the authors mother, and got me the sweetest signed copy. I had never heard of the book, but since it was a gift I made it a point to pick it up as soon as I  had a chance. That turned into me reading it that night, and every opportunity the following day. I knew this was a book I had to give to Margaret as soon as I saw her.

I was not disappointed, she loved this book, the first by a new author Elissa Sussman, just as much as I did. And in fact had to forced herself to put the book down so she could get some sleep. The snapchats that followed also proved to be worthwhile, and I wish I had saved them to add to this post 😜.

Stray, for those who haven’t heard of it, is a complete page turner. It makes you think about your own path, and how you choose to take it. It reminds you to not let people take things from you that aren’t freely given, and shows girls that strength can come from anywhere. It’s filled with magic, and adventure, and the most terrible bad guys. You’ll love it!

I am highly anticipating the second book (yes it’s a series, so be warned) and I hope you will take a moment to pick up your own copy!

Happy Reading,



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