I hate spoilers.

Im going to start this off with, I hate spoilers.

I hate when people give me hints, I hate when I am asked to guess. I hate it when I accidentally see a pin on pinterest or a post of Facebook ruining that “aha!”moment for me. When everything you had started to piece together gets understood and explained! My boyfriend is actually terrible at this. He will constantly say things that make me see something in a novel that I hadn’t figured out yet for myself. Or he slips and makes a comment about an upcoming book in a series! Ruining huge moments for me, so that when it actually happens in the book, I am less excited because I knew it was coming.

To go with this, I think any movie based off a book is a HUGE spoiler.

We all know that books are better. That is practically a known fact. (I dare you to name one movie that was better than its preceding book) And when I go in to a movie I like to know if it was a book first, so I can try and read that book before I see the movie. I want to know the story as the author wanted me to know it, not as the directors do.

Now, some movies and TV shows are actually amazingly done from print to screen. Some of my favorites, are Perks of Being a Wallflower, Harry Potter (7&8), and The Fault in Our Stars. And for those who watch it, I hear that Game of Thrones does a fabulous job transitioning from the book to the TV show.

Following the idea of Game of Thrones, I kind of made a presumption with a book series that I just recently picked up and got in to. Outlander. I held off starting the TV show because I wanted to read the book first, and while it is amazing, it took me a while to finish. So I didn’t immediately pick up the second book. After finishing the first novel, I quickly jumped on to my couch to settled in for a nice relaxing Outlander binge.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that this book to TV adaptation was exactly what I was hoping for! It’s well done, it keeps lines from the book that I loved, and each character is dynamic in all the ways you would hope when characters are coming alive from a page. What I wasn’t ready for, was the fact that I needed to start reading the second book! I have only gotten through the first Outlander novel, and I was told that the first season of the show is actually based off the first TWO books!


Thankfully I was informed of this before anything was too far gone, and I am currently engrossed in the literary world of Diana Galbadon. If you get a chance read these books! Dragonfly in Amber is even better than I hoped.

If you need me, I’ll be in Scotland. Hanging out with the Highlanders.

I will make sure to post some book reviews soon. And please share any book recommendations you all might have!

Happy Reading,



2 thoughts on “I hate spoilers.

  1. Cousin Sara says:

    Yay! I have two things…ok maybe more than two…

    Children of Men. The movie is better than the book.

    The first season of Outlander is only the first book, so don’t worry. The second season is going to cover Dragonfly in Amber.

    And omg Starz is doing such an amazing amazing job on Outlander. It is everything that is good in the world.



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